To Kill a Mockingbird

While we are reading this book, one assignment that we have is to write a paragraph about a certain prompt. I chose the prompt “My earliest memory of school…” So my earliest memory of school was all the way back to preschool. I went to preschool at a church and my teacher was named Mrs. Rice. I don’t remember what she looked like, or anything that we learned, but I do remember one feature in her classroom. I remembered that she had a blue table that you could fill up with different sorts of things and play with, like water, sand, rice, etc. and so that was the only thing that I ever played with when I went to preschool. And I was selfish about it too. I would want to be the only one playing with it, and at one point I bit a kid because he was trying to play. After that I wasn’t allowed to play with the box for the week, and so I just sat in the corner and pouted. After that week, I decided to both share, and not bite other children.

Too Fat To Fight?

In the US Army’s largest military training post, Fort Jackson, they have completely changed the way that they run the workouts. The once dreaded sit-up has now almost disappeared and has now been replaced by yoga and Pilates. Junk food, video games, and fewer gym classes in high schools have sparked the new saying of “Too Fat to Fight” which basically that the people coming in just aren’t as fit as they used to be. They have also downgraded the long run so that they would be able to get these ‘fatter’ recruits in better shape so that they are ready to be able to fight.

Armed and Underage

In a magazine that we get weekly there is an article in it that is all about how some countries are taking kids out to go and fight their wars. Some of these kids are only at the age of 9. In my opinion, this is completely outrageous. Why would anybody send little children out with M-16s or AK-47s to go and kill people or get killed. Some of the countries that are involved with using kids to fight are Iraq, Afghanistan, Philippines, Sudan, Chad, and Somalia. There are also many more countries that are using kids as well. Most of these countries are funded by the USA. Most of these kids are forced to fight against their wills, and almost all are kidnapped to go and fight. In the countries in Africa the majority of the people who are fighting in the wars are kids. And right now one of the big problems of the world is the child mortality rate, but yet we are doing nothing to stop these people from using these kids to go and get themselves killed.


For language arts we started reading the book “Three Cups of Tea” and in this book the author, Greg Mortinson, makes a promise to a Pakistani village that he would come back and make a school for them. When he made this promise he had barely enough money to even get back to the USA and nowhere near enough to build a school for them. So he was completely unprepared to complete this promise. For language arts we have to think of a promise that we made to someone that either turned out good and it ended well, or that I didn’t complete and regretted later. My promise is that over the summer I took a teen leadership class and for that class we had to make a commitment to complete by the time that the class ended. My promise was that i was supposed to bring my right hand layup percentage (because I’m a lefty) up to at least 85% in two weeks. I knew that this was somewhat of a stretch, because at that time I was only shooting around 60% so I had a lot of work to do. After the end of the two weeks I had my self shooting them at around 95% which was a huge leap from my starting point of 60% and my goal of 85% so I was happy and I had completed my promise which is what I was supposed to do so it all ended well.

The Big Question

For language arts we have to post something about on of life’s big questions so here goes nothing. One of the biggest questions that was ever asked in the history of questions is what’s really important. Many different people have many different insights on this question, but my ideas are that it’s not about shiny cars or jewelry, but it’s about people and family and things like that. Things that you can’t put a price on are whats really important. Like a brother, or a sunset, or a day at the beach those are the things that are indispensable and important.


I know I haven’t been on here in a long time but I just recently got back on and I now have 14,000 hits in a year and a half. So I say thank you to all of the people who got on my blog and got me to this remarkable achievement.

If You Haven’t Read The Giver, Then Don’t Read This

In the “Utopia” where Jonas lives, there is what is known as Sameness. This Sameness, makes everything the same. It takes away color, hills, or any choices whatsoever. There are many advantages to this, but there are also disadvantages. Some of the advantages would be that you wouldn’t be able to make bad choices, because there are no choices. There would also be the fact that you wouldn’t be able to judge anyone on something, because are the same as him. There are also the disadvantages in where there are no choices, so how could they have enjoyment.  There is also that you wouldn’t have anything to be surprised by, because since everything is the same, you will know what comes in the future.